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First you need 3 things: 
  1. Mentabiotics
  2. Edge
  3. Energy
  • Get a 24oz cup
  • Add 1 scoop of Mentabiotics
  • Add 1 packet of Energy+
  • Add 1 packet of Edge
  • Mix with frother/spoon/straw
  • Add ice + enjoy!

Notes: You can take each of these seperately, however,  HAPPY JUICE is all 3!
Sensitive gut? No problem! For optimal results, start with the z-day gut Reboot beforehand.Be sure to consume your Happy Juice with a meal. You can also begin with 1/2 scoop of Mentabiotics and work your way up to the full scoop within the first month.
  • 2 Ignite at bedtime ( if you find it keeping you up take them in the AM)
  • 1 GBX Fit in morning 
  • 2 Mood in morning
  • wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy 
  • pop one gbx fit on an empty stomach 
  • mix your happy juice which is your edge, energy and mentabitoics in a big tumbler full of water
  • take digestive and burn 🔥 at lunch and at dinner 
  • 1 gbx in AM 
  • mix your edge with water 💦 this can be taken any time but I prefer morning
Yay i’m so excited for you to start on your health journey - you get reboot free with your first purchase and this is AHHHHMAZING! 🤩 
It comes in a sleeve with 12 capsules:
2 with breakfast on day 1
2 with B and Lunch on day 2
2 with B, L, Dinner on day 3
Do that while avoiding processed foods and eating more ‘whole’ foods like fruits/veggies for 3 days - easy peasy!

It is a gentle reset (reboot) of the gut microbiome - not an intense detox or cleanse where you’re in the bathroom all day

highly recommend staying consistent for a good 90 days to give your body a chance to reap all the deep level benefits. I’m right here beside you along the way and can help you tweak your regimen as needed. I’m so excited to see how this helps you!!  

"Since being on Happy Juice, I've lost 6 lbs! That wasn't even the reason I started.

I did it for the energy and focus and to rid myself of the brain fog which has been amazing! The weight is an added bonus and I"m so excited to continue my journey!

- Nikki fenske

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